Best Bunk Beds for Saving Space in Kids Rooms

Bunk beds are the go-to solution for parents looking to save space in kids’ rooms. Picking from the best bunk beds on the market today is not an easy task. After all, there are hundreds of traditional and contemporary bunk bed designs to choose from. This article presents 10 of the best bunks on the basis of style, affordability, ease of assembly plus other factors.

A good bunk is more than a space saver, it adds character and style to your children’s bedroom, too.

Safety is a key consideration here. Does the product come with a guarantee and does it conform to British Standards for children’s furniture? If you intend to assemble the bed yourself, make sure you’re confident enough to do it safely. Many bed retailers offer an assembly service, saving you time and ensuring it’s done professionally.

Some beds can separate into two units, which can be handy if you want the flexibility of having two individual beds as kids grow. A point to note is the position of the access ladder to the top bunk. If fixed to one side it may limit your options when it comes to using the space available.

Many bunk beds come as frames, with mattresses coming at an additional cost. Manufacturers make an effort to make standard bunk beds which makes finding mattresses easier. However, some bunk frames require a bespoke mattress which can be a mission to find.

What should you expect from the best bunk beds?

Above everything else, the best bunk beds should be sturdy, safe and comfortable. Secondly, the design and style should add to the decor of your kids’ room. Finally, you’ll have to figure out who gets the top bunk but we’ll leave that one to you.

#1. Noa and Nani – Brighton Bunk Bed Splits into 2 Singles – (White)

This contemporary bunk bed in white is aptly named Brighton, after the world-famous British seaside town. Made of solid wood, this simple yet sturdy bed has a fixed ladder with wide treads, making it easy to climb. The two beds are detachable to give two separate single beds. The white finish is neutral, making it ideal for both boys or girls.

#2. Julian Bowen Barcelona Solid Pine Standard Bunk Bed

best bunk beds: standard bunkPin
Solid pine standard bunk bed with a warm lacquer finish

This traditional looking bunk bed is solidly built from high-quality virgin pine timber. The beautifully plain frame comes with a prebuilt ladder to access the top bunk. Stylish and versatile, the Barcelona bunk bed is compact in size, with adequate clearance between the floor and bottom bunk.

A warm antique lacquer finish gives the beds a cosy and homely finish, which you can round up with colourful duvet sets. Versatile over the long term, the bunks are detachable into two full-size single beds. 

One of the top pros for this bunk bed frame is that it accommodates a mattress up to 18cm thick, making the bed more comfortable than others on the market.

#3. GLTC Paddington Bunk Bed 

A beautiful example of stunning design and thoughtful craftsmanship. The Paddington bunk bed’s construction of pine and MDF, plus its central ladder gives it its stability. Although visually appealing, the central ladder position makes it a little tricky getting into the lower bunk bed. 

Despite the stunning end result, the assembly can be a challenge due to the nature of the bunk bed frame. Opting for the assembly service may be the better option when it comes to putting this bed together. 

The white neutral finish makes the bunk suitable for both boys and girls. Paddington makes it onto the 10 best bunk beds list purely on looks alone.

#4. Noa and Nani – Kent Triple Bed Bunk Bed – (White)

Single over double bunk in neutral white finish

As bunk beds go, the single over double bed is a popular choice for families of three. The slanted ladder can be placed on either side, making it versatile and flexible when it comes to working with the space in the room.

The bottom bunk can be a fun place to relax and chill during the daytime or accommodate friends during sleepovers. There is enough space under the bed to fit some storage boxes too, creating more room to play.

#5. Fuentes Single Bunk Bed

Beautifully crafted detachable single bunk bed

Wayfair is sneakily gaining ground on Ikea when it comes to children’s bedroom furniture. The Fuentes is a neatly designed kid’s bed whose rounded edges make it safe in case of accidental bumps. It’s strong and sturdy, yet lightweight. Simple to assemble and a beauty to behold once complete, this bunk separates into two standard singles.

There is enough clearance under the bed to accommodate a few storage baskets which will help to make more room to play for your kids. This is an affordable bunk bed of admirable quality, available in a range of colours including maple, white, blue and pink.

#6. Humza Amani Lynton (Corfu) Single Metal Bunk Bed

Strong and sturdy metal bunk bed in grey powder coating finish

Humza Amani Lynton’s dorm-style bunk features old-style detailing in a powder grey colour. A reasonable price and exquisite powder coating finish plus a frame mounting ladder to access the top bed make this a great budget find.

Unlike wooden beds, metal bunk bed often fail to shake off the perception of a cold and creaky appearance. Fear not, the sturdy fixings that come with this bed ensure it’s as stable as can be. Let covers, quilts and cushions become your best friends and you’ll enjoy the warm and ultimate comfort your kids deserve.

#7. Best bunk beds top pick: Haines Single Mid Sleeper

Space-saving high sleeper in white

Save tons of space in your child’s small room by making with this mid-sleeper bunk bed. Perfect for sleepovers, you have additional room beneath the sleeper to create an extra sleeping space. Extra strong and rigid, this is one bed you’ll have no second thoughts about getting into your child’s room.

#8. Hedrick Bunk Bed with Drawer and Shelves

Modern bunk with loads of storage for that contemporary look

Enjoy the ample storage this modern sleek white and stylish brings to your kids’ bedroom. With practical shelving on both bunks, there’s room for toys, books and bedside lamps, too. Furthermore, there’s an extra room under the bed where the drawer is with a cutout handle for easy opening. The ladder is reversible, the frame strong and sturdy and the design practical, while bringing style and panache to your kids’ bedroom.

#9. Best Bunk Beds: Cutler European Single High Sleeper Loft Bed with Shelf and Desk

Stylish high sleeper for a teenager’s paradise

Excellent for older kids or teens, this standard bunk bed features a study desk and bookshelf underneath the sleeping area. The bunk is accessible via a ladder at one end of the bed. A comfy sofa area completes the perfect teen relaxing zone, with a chair pulling out to make a guest bed. A hidden storage box under the corner cushion is perfect for storing bedding plus other items.

#10. Strictly Beds and Bunks Limited Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed

Triple sleeper in natural pine

This high-quality triple bunk bed is made in Britain using great pine wood. It is ideal for high ceiling rooms to allow for the top clearance. Each bunk can carry up to 100kg weight and so the beds will suit adults too. If you’re looking for a bunk bed for adults, then this is the one for you.

The Verdict: Best bunk beds top picks

Without a doubt, there are many stylish options to choose from when it comes to bunk beds. However, bunk bed safety should always be the top priority when choosing kids’ beds. Picking a sturdy, well-built and affordable bed ticks the safety box, plus many more. 

From a safety perspective, our number one pick is the Julian Bowen Barcelona because of its longer top bunk guard rails. Its construction is solid pine, meeting the safety expectation while remaining stylish. The fact that you can separate it into two singles also makes it a perfect choice.

Depending on your needs, picking a bunk that will split into two singles may be a better option a few months down the line. We really hope you’ll find some inspiration in this list of best bunk beds we’ve put together. Whichever one you pick, you are guaranteed your little ones will love it.

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