Bunk Bed With Sofa Underneath: 7 Of The Best You Can Buy In 2021

Kids grow up really fast, and soon you realize they have outgrown their bed, and you start wondering how to furnish their room. We all know how picky teenagers can be; they want to have cool and hip things. So, a bunk bed with a sofa underneath can make their life more comfortable. 

You may choose something that is considered cool today and have your favourite teenager reject it tomorrow because it lost the cool factor. This can amplify your frustration as a parent because, deep down, you want what’s best for your kids while keeping them happy.

 A bunk bed with a couch can be an excellent option for their bedroom; just remember to get their opinion before any purchase to be safe.

1.  Anderson Desk High Sleeper With Black Chair

This classic, wooden bunk bed with sofa underneath made by Anderson consists of a top bed, a slanted ladder, a working station connected on one side, and a sofa attached to the other. The bed is a mixture of functionality and style. The high sleeper comes painted in white while the couch is black. These simple colours give you freedom in choosing your own furnishings to add some cheer to your kid’s room.

You will love the simplicity in design which contrasts the complexity of the multipurpose yet timeless three-in-one product.

Another great advantage of this bed is that the black chair can be reclined into a bed in case a sibling comes into the picture or for a sleepover. The bed is made for a minimalist, and you can easily prop it up in one corner and leave the rest of the space for storage and maybe a PlayStation.

2.  Parra Single Futon Bunk Bed

The Para bunk bed is also made from solid wood and has a silvery finish. It has a futon underneath that you can recline into a bed. The slanted ladder that runs from the top of the bed to the floor. The top bed has safety guardrails while the bottom half is left bare.

There is quite some space underneath the bed that you can utilize for storage, maybe keep some shoes in a neat row? The bed is priced just under 300 euros and would look great with muscular decorations. The silvery finish will do well with simple, homey decorations.

The ladder looks flimsy to me, and I would recommend looking for alternative ways to climb the bed as your kid grows. The mattress is sold separately, and Parra recommends a mattress of up to 17 inches for the top bed.

3.  Noah D High Sleeper with Sofa Bed & Pull Out Desk

This high sleeper is designed to combine work, comfort, and relaxation all in one. The bed comes in a stunning white finish with a corner sofa hooked on one corner and a full retractable work station on the other side. You also get a comfortable yet stylish chair for the work station. The table contains shelf-like spaces underneath for toys, books, or to display your child’s trophies.

This bunk bed with couch is made from Scandinavian pine, with a straight, metallic ladder that reaches the floor adding to the bed’s resilience. You can move the ladder to the left or right for convenience. The top bed has a thick guardrail to enhance protection against accidents. The contrasting colours make the bed create a perfectly modern look. You have a job cut out for you to assemble this bed since it will be delivered to you in parts.

4.  Thuka Hit High Sleeper Bed with Desk & Chairbed

Image From Family Window

You can access the top bed via a ladder, that spans from the top to the bed’s bottom. It comes equipped with a workstation with a bookshelf attached, a study chair, and a sofa chair that can retract into a bed. This bunk bed has one additional feature unique to it; you get a hidden storage box underneath the sofa.

This creative artistry is like putting all bedroom furniture in one compact design, saving you from storage woes and the hustle of finding different furniture that goes well together. 

5.  Noah F 6 High Sleeper Bunk Bed with Sofa Bed, Drawers & Storage Unit

Image From Family Window

This beautiful design by Noah features a sturdy top bed with a spacious and comfy corner sofa underneath. A thoughtful aspect of the design and an excellent feature is storage pull-out drawers for clothes or linen. The open drawers are ideal for storing toys and other teenager stuff. This bunk bed with couch comes in many colours that will help you when you purchase furniture pieces for the room and when you choose the best paint for your walls.

The bed comes in white and looks strong and compact. The drawer design is unique and creative, and the fact that they were able to pull it off without the bed feeling and looking bulky is a beautiful plus. You will get a raised head and footboard and a side rail with a tiny shelf. Overall the designers of this bed went above and beyond to come up with such artistry.

6.  Argos Home Metal Bunk Bed Frame with Blue Futon

Argos Home Metal Bunk Bed Frame with Blue Futon 0Pin
Image From Argos

For a classic polished finish, the Argos bunk bed with couch is a perfect fit for you. The bed comes in a beautiful silver finish with a slanting ladder that makes for easy climbing for your teen. The metal slats are comfortable and sturdy to ensure durability.

If you need all the space you can get, Argos has got you. They have designed the bed with enough space underneath to repurpose it for storage. Just add a couple of drawers, and you are good to go. You can recline the futon into a twin bed for when you need extra sleeping space. Furthermore, the most amazing consideration is that you don’t have to buy the mattresses separately, they come with the purchase.

This is a fantastic deal for just under £300 since most of these beds make the mattress a separate purchase. The silver design would go so well with girly decorations, a soft pink or green would look great in the background.

7. Noah 4 High Sleeper with Sofa Bed, Pull Out Desk, Shelf & Cube Unit For Teens

Do you want an intricate way to fit all your kid’s bedroom furniture in one corner? The Noah bunk bed contains an upper bunk bed, an L-shaped sofa in the corner, storage drawers at the bottom, and a workstation attached.

This is a unique design for your teen, and you won’t have to do a lot of mismatching with furniture. You get all you need in a bedroom, in one unit. The ladder itself connects the top of the bed to the retractable sofa that forms a bed for that sleepover or visitor.

The bookshelf underneath the workstation rotates for more storage. The workstation is retractable, and the couch also reclines to make a bed. If you’re looking for a real all-in-one solution, a bunk bed with storage and all accessories perfect for a teen’s room, there is no better option available on the market today.


Holidays are an excellent time to buy functional items, as most people are focusing on gifts. This is the best time for those holiday discounts.

Choosing a bunk bed with sofa underneath may be a complicated affair, with the confusing assembly bringing extra exasperation. Still, they save money because of their multipurpose nature, and they take up less space, which is a great advantage for parents with small bedrooms or multiple children.

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