15 Best Kids Theme Beds your Toddlers will love You in 2021

Kids enjoy sleeping in creatively designed beds in different shapes and sizes or with different pictures painted on them, enhancing their imagination and creativity. Picking the right bed is not often that simple. There are so many online shops you can look at. However, we have made the job just a little easier for you by compiling 15 of the best kids character beds you can purchase today. The goal? To save your time because we know you have other important things to do. There are numerous themes to choose from, and we have narrowed some of the most popular kids theme beds here for you. Whether your child loves PJ Masks or Peppa Pig, you will find a character they will fall in love instants.

What To Look For In A Bed For Your Toddler

Kids grow fast don’t they. One minute they are in a crib or cot bed and the next they have outgrown it. As they grow up, children develop an interest in television character. What better way to give them more of the things that bring joy to their little lives than create a themed bedroom for them. For some cool ideas we have put together these 15 cool toddler bed designs. What else should your perfect toddler bed look like? Here is a list of things to think about when shopping for the next sleeping bed for your child.

  • First and foremost, make sure it’s FUN, that’s why we have more than a dozen fun kids beds to choose from.
  • Next, make sure it measures 170cm x 40cm or very close. This is the perfect size for a toddler bed as they transition from a cot to a small single.
  • Safety matter, toddler beds are low to the ground and come equipped with guard rails or raised sides to make sure your kids stay in bed all night.
  • Look for a toddler bed with storage so that you can maximise on the space available. Storage usually comes in the form of pullout drawers or under bed baskets or canvas drawers. Alternatively, some beds will come with a themed chest of drawers or storage box.

Let’s get right into it and help you find the perfect cool kids bed. We’re sure you’ll find one that your child will fall in love with on first site.

1. HelloHome PJ Masks Toddler Bed with Underbed Storage

If your baby is big enough to move from the tiny bassinets to a bed, then this is the perfect transitional choice for you.

It is a sturdy bed that is not so high to keep your toddler safe, and the simple design comes with step by step instructions that are easy to put together.

Hello home also came up with inbuilt storage for your kid’s clothes creating a compact design to help you get the maximum use of your kid’s sleeping area.

2. Disney Frozen Kids Toddler Bed by HelloHome

Hellohome makes this colourful, solid-design single bed which is perfect for your little girl. It also comes with a detailed guide for easy assembly.

It’s built with side guards to protect your child from falling to the ground while rolling in bed and is constructed to be low to the ground.

 It measures 143cmx77cmx59cm, and you will have to get the mattress separately. You can also shop other Frozen-inspired storage such as toy cubs, drawing tables and chair or a bookshelf to really create the atmosphere from the films.

3. Paw Patrol Chase Kids Toddler Bed with Underbed Storage by HelloHome

This is a truly magical little bed for a Paw Patrol fan. It comes in blue and takes a mattress of 140x70cm, which isn’t included in the purchase.

Paw Patrol bed is one of the best  kids theme beds and comes with a solid design that also comes with a detailed instruction manual for assembly and cloth storage drawers underneath.

This is a perfect bed for those toddlers graduating from cots and for those limited space bedrooms, leaving space for a playpen.

4. Kiddi Style Crayon Theme Premium Children’s Junior Wooden Bed

This is a simple Unisex bed with a Crayon theme. It is made from wood, comes in blue and green making it easy to go crazy with other bedroom decorations.

It is low enough for kids to climb up and down from, has protective guardrails to prevent accidents.

This is a sturdy and durable design that measures 56.2 x 31.48 x 21.6 inches

5. Disney Frozen II Kids Toddler Bed with Underbed Storage by HelloHome

Frozen is very popular among kids, Hellohome had to come up with this frozen theme for toddler beds. The bed is an excellent creation with a unique design single bed with guardrails. Furthermore, it features the leading characters in the Dinsey family-favourite.

It is made low and is tested to strict safety standards, is durable, has a beautiful colour, and is the perfect size for little kids.

Measuring at just 142cm x 77 cm x 63 cm this cool kids bed comes with two fabric storage drawers so that you can make use of the under bed space. Mattresses are an addition to the price of the frame but you can save yourself time by buying them at the same time.

6. Peppa Pig Kids Toddler Bed by HelloHome

The bed is an excellent choice for Peppa Pig fans. In fact, it comes in the traditional Peppa pig pink and is perfect for your little girl.

An easy to assemble design, it comes with a guardrail, and is made of a solid steel frame, making it durable and safe and is low to the ground for your kids to access easily.

Finally, it measures 143 cm x 77 cm x 42.5 cm and fits a 40cm x 70cm mattress that isn’t included when purchasing the bed.

7. Paw Patrol Kids 505PWP Toddler Bed by HelloHome

This bed will go with any blue or red decorations in your munchkin’s room. It is sturdy and made of wood with steel frames.

It measures 142 x 77 x 42.5 cm with guard rails for extra protection. Also comes with clear instructions and is easy to assemble.

The bed doesn’t come with any storage options, but there is enough space underneath to fit storage drawers.

8. Deuba Kids Bed Toddler Childrens Fire Engine Truck Wood Storage Slatted Frame

If you’re trying to inspire your kid to stop sleeping in your bed, then this will surely convince him. The bed looks like a firetruck and is great for those kids fascinated with fire people.

The edges are rounded to prevent injuries. It has 3D wheels and has a shelf for all your kids’ toys. If you’re looking for a kids theme bed with lots of storage, this should be at the top of your list.

It measures 205cm x 94.5 cm x 103 cm, will not come with the bed, and the bed’s delivery will come in three parts.

9. Kiddi Style Children’s Pirate Ship/Boat Childrens Caribbean Themed Wooden Junior Bed

This little bed is designed like a ship and made of sturdy wood. It is light, easy to transport, and low from the floor. It is tested to stringent EU standards and is finished to a high standard using a non-toxic coating and paint.

The bed doesn’t come with guardrails, but with the boat design by Kiddi, the sides of the beds are raised enough for protection.

10. HelloHome 509DSR Dinosaur Toddler Bed With Storage And Canopy

This is a compact bed that comes with a removable tent canopy made by Worlds Apart. It measures 143 x 77x 138cm and comes with a 1-year warranty.

The bed comes with a dinosaur theme, has a removable storage drawer under the bed. It also comes with protective guardrails on the side and is made to be safe and sturdy.

It comes with instructions for easy assembling and is lightweight and narrow to fit into those tiny bedrooms without taking up lots of space. A great design idea for a boys bedroom would be to couple this with some animal or jungle inspired wall mural to create a jungle theme for the bedroom.

11. Disney Toy Story 4 Kids Toddler Bed with Storage Drawers by HelloHome

This is a great bed for Toy story fans. It measures 143x 77x 63 cm and has two pullout storages underneath, it’s made of wood and is raised at the sides to prevent kids from falling off. It is easy to build and is a beautiful addition to your kid’s bedroom.

12. HelloHome 509RBW Unicorn Rainbow Toddler Bed With Storage And Canopy

This is a rainbow-themed bed that also comes fitted with a removable canopy with protective guardrails and pullout storage underneath. It’s easy to add more storage space underneath the bed as well.

It is easy to assemble and comes with twinkling lights for a fun magical theme. It measures 142 x 77 x 138 cm and can fit in tiny spaces.

13. HelloHome Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed with Underbed Storage

This bed comes in a fun pink and white Minnie mouse theme, measures 142 x 77 x 63cm, is perfect for those kids moving from a cot to a bed, is low to the ground, and contains under-the-bed storage.

It is made from wood, is easy to assemble, and is sold separately to the mattress and the mattress protector.


This is a wonderful choice for animal lovers, It comes in 164 x 85x 67cm has pictures of animals and they even write the name of your kid on the bed free of charge.

The bed has rounded edges for safety and has side guards and wooden pullout drawers.

This bed by Acma comes together with a high-density mattress for the kids. It is durable and strong and a great addition to your kid’s furniture.

15. Quality Baby Kids Bed Toddler Car Junior Bed with Mattress

For a car theme, it comes in black and red and has a foam mattress included in the purchase. In addition, it is environment-friendly, comes in a sturdy design, has rounded edges, and raised sides to protect your child as they sleep.

This is also one of the best kids theme beds and a great choice for car lovers and those wanting convenience by buying an entire bed and its fixings in one place.