The Best Night Lights To Help Your Little Ones Sleep Better Revealed

The best night lights are simple to use, durable, colour changing and won’t cost you a small fortune. Ever had the problem of switching off your light in the bedroom at night and having to run fast to your bed? Or have you had your toe stubbed by your bed when walking blindly in the dark? Nightlights fix this problem.

Night lights are a necessity, especially in kids’ rooms, because most kids are afraid of the dark. The lights give a sense of safety and security during the night. They can also help you with late-night feedings when you have small children; these are great because they light up a minimal area, and your child won’t have a problem going back to sleep.

The lights come in different shapes and sizes and have been made using varied materials that affect their durability. You can even dim them so that you have no trouble going back to sleep after getting up at night. Choosing the best night light isn’t easy, so we’ve done the legwork for you. All left to do is pick one which suits your tastes and click the shop button to place your order.

Ok, let’s get right into it. Below you’ll find the best night lights each picked from a broad category of best for babies, best rechargeable night light, the best in the light projector category and the best dimmable night lights available on the UK market today.

The Best Night Light Overall

Tesoky Star Night Light Projector

Tesoky Boys Toys Age 1-10,Night Light for Kids 1-10 Year Old Boy Gifts Toys for 1-10 Year Old Girls Christmas Stocking Xmas Gifts for 1-10 Year Old Boys Girls Sensory Baby Toys 0-18 Months(Black)Pin

The Tesoky star night light projector is a top choice because it is multifunctional. You can use it as a night light on the bedside cabinet. However, as soon as you take the dome off, you create a dream-like start-gazing experience for your child. There’s just something dreamy about stars and space that leaves little ones awestruck.

Project colour-changing stars onto the wall or the ceiling of your babies room to help send them off to sleep. The light is dimmable so that you can create the perfect environment conducive to sleep. You can also use the light projector to create the perfect themed birthday parties.

Too cold and wet to play outside? Its the perfect den-making weather and you can use the starlight projector to create and imaginitve world for your kinds. Imagine all the fun you will have!

The Best for Babies

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light, and Alarm

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise (United States Version)Pin

Hatch’s baby light is made in plastic and comes in white. It’s electric and has a LED bulb inside.  This device is multifunctional, which is a win situation for you since you get multiple functionalities for one’s price.

The device combines a nightlight, sound machine, and a time-to-rise alert, and there’s the Hath Baby Rest App to control the light from your phone remotely. On the app, you can change the light’s colour and brightness, the sound, and the volume level of the sound machine, and work the program to suit your family’s daily activity schedule. You will be able to run the app on android phones that run on Lollipop Operating System and higher or iOS 11 and above for Apple smartphones and tablets.

The sound machine lulls your child to sleep with the white noise after a midnight feeding. You don’t need to discard the nightlight when the child grows up, the nightlight will help with safety, and the white noise will help them sleep. The time-to-wake-up feature will help kids get to school on time.

The Best Rechargeable Night Light

VAVA Home VA-CL006 Night Lights for Kids With Stable Charging Pad

Night Light for Kids, VAVA LED Bedside Lamp for Children, Baby Nursery Lamp for Breastfeeding Safe ABS, Break Resistant, Eye Caring, Adjustable Brightness & Color, Touch Control, 80 Hr RuntimePin

Although VAVA designed this night light for kids, it wins in the recharged department. The light has a convenient charging base that is stable and will stay in place as you charge the light. VAVA designed the light to charge with a Micro-USB, suitable because their adapters are readily available. You can carry this light out on your camping trip and carry a USB power bank, and you are good to go.

The battery can last up to 6 hours in any setting, and you can use it in all weather conditions due to its IP65 waterproof rating. The egg shape is an excellent design choice and adds character to any room you place it in. The beauty of this night light is that you can move it around and place it on top of furniture like toy storage chests or bedside tables.

Best Night Light Projector

BlissLights Sky Lite LED Star Projector

BlissLights Sky Lite - LED Star Projector, Galaxy Lighting, Night Light and Bedroom Ambiance (Blue Stars)Pin

This light projector will show a hoard of green stars against a nebula cloud background. This device is perfect for sleepovers and relaxing events in the evening when people are relaxed and settled, like house parties. The stars on the projector give out a sweet cosy ambience. They make your ceiling light up, and it’s like star-gazing from the comfort of your home.

Blisslights has made this nightlight with simple buttons such that everyone else uses and understands the settings. Blisslights have combined direct diode lights, holographs, and precision glass optics to ensure that the images you see are awe-inspiring. Let the Sky Lite transport you to another galaxy.

Best Night Lights For Dimming

MAZ-TEK Plug-In LED Light

MAZ-TEK Plug-In Led Night Light with Auto Dusk to Dawn Sensor,Adjustable brightness Warm White lights for Hallway,Bedroom, kids Room, Kitchen, Stairway, 2 PackPin

MAZ-TEK’s LED night light is a plastic-made LED device that allows you to adjust its brightness within a 0 lm-15 lm range depending on what you prefer.  The Night Light also has a light sensor to adapt to its surroundings depending on the time of the day and where you keep the light. You can use the light when going to the bathroom, breastfeeding, checking on your pet at night, and so forth without stumbling into things.

MAZ-TEK has made these lights into a pack of two each for uniformity when placing them in your house. The company promises you more than 50000 hrs. of service when you maintain them well. You will plug in each light onto a socket, and they are small enough that they only fit in one. You can place both lights on adjacent sockets, and they will fit.

Since they are rechargeable, your family can carry these lights on camping trips. With the extended power retention it has, you won’t be caught in the dark halfway through the night.

The Final Word

Nightlights are a necessary invention that we never thought we needed. They have brought convenience and safety from accidents like two stabs and stumbles while adding character to homes. The fact that they are made for various purposes and some can be controlled remotely makes your work easier. You don’t need to get out of bed to change your settings.