Bunk Bed With Trundle: 10 Of The Best Reviewed For You

If you are looking for a way to get multiple beds but have little space to spare, a bunk bed with trundle is the solution for you. Trundle beds are just bunk beds with a hidden bed, set on small wheels that can fit under the bottom bed. They are so simple that you can just roll out at night and put back after bedtime. The trundle bunk bed is the kind of bed parents with multiple kids, but few rooms should get. You can also get it for social kids that enjoy the occasional sleepover. You can also use the bed for extra sleeping space for guests. A trundle is a versatile piece of furniture and this article will show you why.

If you have enough space and you want matching beds for your kids, the trundle bed is perfect for you as well. Some of these beds can be separated into three, so it’s just a matter of what function fits you the best.

Ye Perfect Choice Triple BUNK BED Sambor Modern High Bed DRAWERS Ladder 3 Children TRUNDLE Bed

The Ye triple bunk bed is a compact wooden bed with a trundle and storage drawers underneath it. The bed comes in a wonderful array of twenty-four colours from browns to blues. The colour scheme makes it even easier to buy one that already goes with your kid’s furnishings. With the right colour choice, you will not have to redecorate your kid’s room. 

The rectangular bed has clear cut corners. This compact design makes it easier to place the bed in one corner of the room and still have enough space for other furniture in the room.

The storage drawers are in the trundle, and you can pull them out fully, then back into obscurity when not using them. This is a good choice as it saves you storage space and legroom for your kids. 

The bed is a great playful bed for kids, the protective guard rails on the head and footboard ensure that they won’t fall off while playing. The ladder on the left side is sturdy for your little climbers.

The bed comes with everything you need to use, including the three fireproof mattresses included in the purchase price. The beds come in two sizes for your choice, a single standard 6’5”x3’0”x5’7″ and a shorter one that measures 6’2”x2’8”x5’7″.

Strictly Beds and Bunks – Everest Classic Bunk Bed Pull Out Guest Bed And Sprung Mattresses

The Everest bed comes in a rustic wooden design. This is an adult-friendly bed as Strictly Beds have made thick slats so that they can support the extra weight without breaking. Each bed can support a total of 107kgs. 

The bed comes fitted with a solid trundle that is supported on wheels so that they can slide over your carpet with ease and prevent marking it over time. The ladder is flexible, and you can fit it on the left or right. Also, there are side guards on the top bed to prevent toppling.

Upon purchase, you will get the bed, trundle, and a 15cm thick mattress. Because of the ability to support heavyweights, the bed is an excellent choice for guest bedrooms. The simple, rustic, wooden finish makes it even easier to play with the bedroom’s furnishings. You will get the bed with an illustrated manual and an electric Allen-key upon delivery for you to assemble the bed quickly.

Areli Single (3′) Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed with Pullout Bed

Image From Wayfair

This wooden bed has a beautiful design and is painted with a minimalist customer in mind. It is made from pine wood, with a modern design and a flawless finish are aesthetically appealing. Grey is a neutral colour and can fit with any theme that your kids’ room comes in. They use eco-friendly paint for this bed, and is not slippery, especially on the ladder.

The top bed and bottom bed both have raised side guards and a raised head and footboard to make your child feel snug and secure when sleeping. Mack and Milo have made this bed so that there are no protruding parts, including the trundle. This prevents bump and scrape accidents when your kids play around.

The trundle is solid and retracts completely out of bed to form a separate bed. You can separate this bunk bed into three separate beds easily if you move to a bigger house and have the bedroom space for all three. Alternatively, you can make the top bed a guest bed and have the bottom bed with the trundle for your kid’s room. The top bed can carry up to 90kgs, and you will get a cold foam, 13 cm thick, medium mattresses included in the purchase. You will get the bed 4-5 weeks after your purchase.

You will have a bit of a challenge when assembling the bed as it has a lot of parts, but it is manageable.

Modern Kids Children Wooden Solid Pine Bunk Trundle Bed BLANKA With Storage Drawers in White

This Bunk Bed With Trundle is a whimsical masterpiece. It comes in white and is made from solid pine and is extra snug and protective with its long guardrails. The paint is water-based and non-toxic. The head and footboard are made in an arch that adds to the bed’s beauty. I think it will go well with any princess-themed bedroom.

The trundle underneath opens up to two storage drawers. The drawers blend in with the overall bed design and fit flush on the trundle, making the bed compact.

The ladder is placed on the right side and connects the top and the bottom beds. The ladder looks a little thin on the steps, so you might want to observe the kids as they climb up.

You will get a picture manual to aid you when assembling the bed, but the company has not included written instructions. Arthauss sells the made, and they don’t include the mattresses with this sale. You will need two 2cmx190cmx90cm mattresses for the bunk bed and 180cmx90cmx8cm for the trundle.

Perfect Choice Bunk Bed SAMBOR Modern Children Triple High Bed Drawers

Ye is known for making fortress-looking beds, and this beautiful bed is the same. It has long wooden pieces spanning the top and bottom of the head and footboards for safety. 

They give you 24 colour choices to go with your room’s decor, the trundle looks sturdy and contains two huge storage drawers underneath. This modern multi-purpose design is an excellent choice for apartments because it will leave you with enough leg-room.

You don’t have to worry about the ladder steps, and they are made thick for a good grip when climbing, enhancing your kids’ safety. Upon delivery, you will receive the bed and three non-flammable mattresses. The mattresses are hard, and you might need to buy soft bed-toppers. This bed design comes in two sizes, the UK standard size which has a £30 additional price, and the shorter one for kids.

If you don’t want to assemble the bed, you can have a technician help you with the assembly for an extra charge. The beds are made under the strictest EU standards which ensure they are safe for your kids.

Argos Home Detachable Bunk Bed with Trundle in White

This is a classic design wooden bunk bed with a stable ladder spanning the top and bottom. The bed is sturdy and has a smooth finish. The ladder, however, has steps places vertically instead of lying flat. This is a small flaw for such a steep bed as the climbing up won’t be comfortable.  

You will get an Allen key with your purchase to assemble the bed, but you will need other tools like a screwdriver, tape measure, and hammer. The number of screws might also not your assembly needs. The mattress is not included with this purchase.

It is slatted, and the slat makes the bed strong to carry up to 120kgs. The trundle slides out completely, and the bed can be separated into two separate single beds if you have space to fit them separately. You can take 3-year accidental damage insurance for your bed at a fee. 

Stompa Bunk Bed, Trundle and Mattress in White

The Stompa bunk bed comes in a simple, classic design. It has side guardrails at the top and not at the bottom. The ladder is solid and is fit at the centre of the bed, and your little climbers will love the ladder design because it gives them enough leverage when they climb.

The trundle retracts into a comfortable mini-bed, and the whole trundle bed can be made into two identical beds and the trundle when you find a bigger room that can fit the beds separately. The clear cut finish makes it easier for you to place the bed in one corner of the room to declutter. The bed comes with a one year guarantee from Stompa. The white colour is so easy to decorate a house for. 

Flintshire Billie Wooden Bunk Bed with Third Bed On Castors

This snug little bunk bed is made from wood. It is simply designed with a defined headboard, guardrails for the top bed, and a robust ladder on the right. The headboard is made with an arched design to increase its appeal. The ladder steps are just the right amount of thickness for little feet to climb up.

The bed is slatted, increasing its strength and durability. The trundle bed fits under the bottom bed like a glove, and you can hardly notice it. The trundle is connected to the lower bed and doesn’t fully retract but has a huge pull out drawer underneath. The drawer can also fit another bed, which would give you a 4-in-1 advantage. It is perfect for a family with many kids, and can also be an excellent addition for sleepovers. The bed is suitable for any child’s room, and you might not need to change any themes you had in the room because white is a neutral colour. Because of the many parts required to assemble the bed, it may take you a while to finish putting up the bed.

Dehesa Single Bunk Bed with Guest Bed Underneath

The head and footboard of this bunk bed with pull out guest bed features stunning curves. The ladder is detachable and you can place it on the left or right depending on the orientation of your room. You can also split the bed into two full-size singles when the time comes for your kids to express their personalities. If you are looking for longevity and practicality then this is the perfect bed for you.

This single bunk bed with trundle will look stunning in any bedroom and oozes such character and sophistication. The hardwood construction of this perfect guest bed and its practical design make it an essential piece pf furniture if you have a large family with small children. The guest bed is 3ft in size and comes on wheels so you can wheel it out whenever you need it. The frame is made from strong solid hardwood and is of sturdy construction.

Classic Beech Bunk Bed with Drawer and Pull Out Bed

This is yet another simple, modern design Bunk Bed With Trundle. The bed comes in white and dove grey, making it unisex. The neutral colours will go with contemporary décor. The top bed has high edges and solid head and footboards on both beds. You can separate the bunk beds into two separate beds. 

The ladder steps are a little thin and won’t be comfortable to climb up on given the steepness created by connecting it to the top and the bottom bed. The trundle has small wheels to help you when sliding it out and back underneath the bottom bed. You can use the trundle as a storage option if you don’t need the extra bed. The mattresses are sold separately. Yoselin offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Ready To Add That Extra Bed To Your Kids Room?

Bunk Bed With Trundle are an amazing invention that offers a good balance between cost and functionality. They are a smart choice to make when you have limited storage or space options. If you don’t need the extra bed storage option that the trundle offers, then it has enough space where you can fold clothes or store toys and books. 

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