Why Bunk Beds with Storage Will Help You Make More Space

Bunk beds with storage offer amazing benefits to families living in a tight space. We are mostly forced to move to urban areas for convenience because they are closest to our workplaces and social amenities like malls, schools, and entertainment centres. One of the disadvantages of living in these areas is that the apartment complexes and houses are small in order to accommodate more people, which means the rooms will be smaller. To manage small rooms, one has to make smart choices when buying furniture.

An example of a smart decision is buying multi-purpose furniture. In bedrooms, smart furniture choices include buying bunk beds with built-in storage. Hidden closets and drawers that fit in the same space as the bed will leave enough latitude to move around so that you are not banging into things while arranging the bedroom. The best beds are those that add extra options like places to study or act as a play area.

The key to picking the right bunk bed for your room is to choose simple and yet functional designs. Pick a design that is neutral and will not require a room makeover.

Argos Home Ultimate Storage Mid Sleeper Bed Frame

Argos Home Ultimate bunk beds with storagePin
Image From Argos

This Argos bed comes in a compact, multifunctional design that combines safety, functionality, and storage. It is made of thick, strong wood and comes in white and brown. The top bed contains strong side guards.

The ladder that connects the top bed to the floor is very thick as well. This is because there are storage drawers in every step. The side of the ladder is hollowed out and will make an awesome mini bookshelf for bedtime stories. Your kids, even those with height phobias, won’t have a problem climbing these steps.

The bottom of the bed also connects to another set of retractable storage drawers where you can fold your kid’s clothes in and easily retrieve them. We have a moveable mini-closet with wheels at the centre that you can move across the room to make space for a small playpen. The drawers fit so snugly into the bottom of the bed, leaving enough space in the room and will go well with modern furnishings. The manufacturer recommends a 16cm thick mattress which you can purchase separately.

Maya Bunk Bed with Built-in Storage Stairs in Silk Grey

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Image From Noa & Nani

This bed has an austere finish, is made of pine wood, and combines two cabin bunk beds with storage options. The simple finish gives you the chance to go wild with decorating your room. The rectangular, clear-cut finish will enable you to fit the bed on one side. Since kids love to play, they can have the rest of the space to run around. The bed may look flimsy, but it is designed for durability, and the wooden slats add to this feature.

The ladder steps have drawers underneath, which makes for a steady climb. Barricades on the outside of the ladder ensure that your little climber won’t fall over. Additionally, they act as support and gives your child something to hold onto while climbing.

The bottom of the bed is high enough to add additional storage if need be, or you can use it to place shoes for easy reach. The bed comes packed flat and will require assembly once they deliver it. They have included instructions in the packaging. The bed takes a mattress size of 190cm x 90cm, which you will have to buy separately.

Beautiful High Sleeper With Loads Of Storage

High Sleeper Storage Bed, Happy Beds Pegasus Wood Modern Desk Wardrobe Drawers Cupboards Loft Bunk - 3ft Single (90 x 190 cm) Frame OnlyPin

This bed is a minimalist’s heaven. The design ensures that when not in use, everything fits in the right place. The wardrobe is on castors which makes it easier to move in and out to access the clothes inside.

The Pegasus 3 ft. frame is made from durable wood. You can choose between matte white, grey, and anthracite, which will go with any furnishings you already have going. The ladder steps span the top to the bottom of the bed and also function as retractable storage drawers. The drawers make the ladder steps thick and safe to climb. The ladder’s side has a secret, retractable mini-closet on wheels on the inside for jackets and shirts and two drawers underneath that. Once you are done with the closet, you slide it back in.

This beautiful fort also comes with a study area with a table, an adjustable study chair and drawers for books, and a bookshelf at the top. This is one of the perfect bunk beds with storage for your little student, in a tiny space. This bed is essential for all the necessary furniture you need in a kid’s bedroom, in one structure. The mattress is not included with the purchase of this beautiful white bunk bed.

Happy Beds Wooden Bunk Bed with Underbed Storage Drawer

Happy Beds Wooden Bunk Bed with Underbed Storage Drawer, Orion Grey Oak and White Wood Modern Twin Sleeper - 3ft Single (90 x 190 cm) Frame OnlyPin

This bunk bed has a rustic, unpolished finish that will add character to any room. It comes in white, grey, and oak with a 3 ft. frame. There are a bottom and top bed, made with thick wood. The ladder is on the right and has thick steps and an additional option for glowing in the dark lights on them for a whimsical feel and light up the steps at night. The headboard and side guards are raised on the top bed so that your child feels protected, and the beds are slated for extra safety and to enable the mattress to breathe.

This bed comes with various storage options, including a drawer under the bottom bed and shelves on the side of each bed. The problem comes if your child is a fitful sleeper because you will undo anything stored on the sides every night. You can buy their mattress options separately, including pocket sprung orthopaedic and memory form mattresses. The bed is not sturdy and might fall over after a while, and the sharp edges may hurt boisterous kids.

This is the perfect choice if you’re looking for one of the best bunk beds with storage underneath. The drawer is perfect for spare bedding and pyjamas.

Happy Beds Kimbo Sleep Station Children Kids Cabin Bunk Bed Storage Drawers

Happy Beds Kimbo Sleep Station Children Kids Cabin Bunk Bed Storage Drawers 3' Single 90 x 190 cm (3FT - Frame Only, Grey Oak)Pin

This is a simply designed cabin bed with multiple, versatile storage options. It is made of strong wood, comes in a neutral grey oak colour, and is easy to assemble. The ladder is extra wide to support your kids’ little fit and prevent them from falling over.

The head and footboards are raised and made into an arch design for style. The headboard is connected to a hollowed-out set of drawers at the bottom that you can use as a bookshelf or display toys and trophies.

This is one of the best bunk beds with storage with strong wooden slats for safety and a set of chest of drawers to store your kid’s clothes. On the side is a fully retractable study table with a hollowed-out space for a chair. The table has storage options for books. This is a perfect option for people in small apartments who want to get the most functionalities at a fair price. You can choose between four fire retardant mattress options; pocket sprung, orthopaedic, memory foam, and spring mattresses, which you will pay for separately. The bed is not sturdy and won’t support bigger kids.

Bunk Bed LUNA for 2 children Stairs Functional Design High Gloss Inserts Shelves Rail

Bunk Bed LUNA for 2 children Stairs Functional Design High Gloss Inserts Shelves Rail (White with Grey Details)Pin

This bed by ye is a perfect combination of style, design, and multi-functionality. The bed comes in a variety of colour combo options. Additionally, you can choose between right-hand and left-hand side ladders. The ladder is connected to a railing for comfortable climbing support. The thick steps also function as drawers for clothes, toys or bedding. This means you need less additional storage furniture, saving you space.

The bunk bed consists of two cosy, spacious beds measuring 254cm (length) x 120cm (depth) x 160cm (height) and won’t take up much space in your bedroom. The bottom bed is closed off on one side to make way for shelves. Plus, the design of the shelves is that they are high enough so that your little fitful sleeper won’t kick at them. You can buy the mattresses from this vendor, but the purchase will be separate from the bed. The bed won’t come with assembly instructions, but you can pay for assembly.

Allenport Bunk Bed with Drwers In Stunning White

The Allenport bunk bed combines a simple design with extra storage features. If you dislike disorder and clutter, you’ll fall in love with the contemporary design. The bed comes in white and has a rectangular finish with sharp corners.

 A wide ladder connects the top and bottom beds. The ladder is thin overall, and considering its vertical make, and it will be dangerous to climb. It could use a few added inches of wood.

The top bed has a raised side rail for safety and is nicely covered for a snug fit. It can carry up to 150 kgs in weight. Underneath the bottom bed are two storage drawers that you can use to store toys or clothes. The drawers slide through so that there won’t be marks on your floor after some time.

The rectangular footprint of the bed makes for easy placement. Just position it in a corner, and you have enough space to play and add additional furniture. The bed requires a mattress of up to 12 cm in thickness. It will be sold separately but is available from the same vendor. You will need to assemble the bed once it is delivered to you and the instructions are not clear. The screws at the bottom will give you a headache to fix on, but you will manage.

Stunning High Sleeper Storage Bed With Desk, Wardrobe and Drawers

High Sleeper Storage Bed, Happy Beds Aurora White Wood Desk, Cupboard, Wardrobe and Drawers Loft Bed Frame - 3ft Single (90 x 190 cm) with Memory Foam Mattress IncludedPin

This bed takes care of all your storage options and a study area so that you can focus on furnishings and little additions to your kid’s room. The contemporary design is solid and well-constructed. It consists of a top bed fortified with extra wood for safety, has a 3 ft. frame, and a memory foam mattress included with your purchase. The ladder connects the top bed to the floor, is slightly slanted, and has thick stems. The steps are extended inwards to have space to place some books or shoes and still have enough space to set your legs when climbing up.

The bed also comes with a workstation that can slide in and out. And a hollowed-out space on the outside, which can be a great placement for bedtime storybooks and toys. You can locate extra storage options on the wall-side; a mini-closet to hang shirts and jackets, additional shelves, and two slide-out drawers.

You can choose between a white and grey bed. And you can find step-by-step instructions online.

Happy Beds Wooden Bunk Bed with Storage and Desk

Happy Beds Wooden Bunk Bed with Storage and Desk, Eclipse Grey and White Wood Modern Twin Sleeper - 3ft Single (90 x 190 cm) Frame OnlyPin

The wooden bunk bed comes in three kinds of unisex colour combinations. This bed offers a unique, modern design with a lot of storage options. The ladder spans from the top bed to the floor. In addition, it is made of thick wood with protective wooden sides to support your child while they climb. The thoughtful design behind each step and its thickness makes for easy climbing. Plus, the ladder has an optional glow in the dark lighting option for easy access at night. Overall, it is the perfect safety feature for kids who are afraid of the dark.

A retractable study desk connects to the bottom bed’s head and contains a bookshelf on the outside. The foot side extends outwards to make a bigger bed perfect for bigger kids or adult guests and has two thick drawers underneath. The package comes with clear guidelines on setting up the bed making for a straightforward assembly.

Storage Bunk Beds – Childrens Deluxe Bunk Bed With Staircase

storage bunk beds - childrens deluxe bunk bed with staircasePin
Kids Bunk Bed With Storage

Here’s another example of children’s bunk beds with storage stairs which is suitable for smaller children. The bottom bed is just a few centimetres off the floor making ideal to introduce smaller kids to theirt own bed. There is oodles of storage in the hidden pullout drawers in each stair step up to the top bed. The drawers are deep enough and give you more storage space than you’d know what to dow with.

There are a variety of designs available from Funtime Beds so you’ll never run out of options for that perfect bed. Love this kid’s bunk bed witrh storage stairs? Click on the button below to get yours today.


To buy the best bunk beds with storage for your children, look for safety considerations in their designs. Firstly, think about ladder placement, thickness, and railings are very important. Secondly, have younger kids in mind and always ask, will my child be okay climbing this high?

Finally, accidents can happen, but prevention is better than cure. Ensure the wood that makes your bed is sturdy and durable, and screw the pieces firmly so that the bed isn’t shaky. Always read user reviews so that you can get insider knowledge on the bed features and durability before buying anything online. We have done our best to give you the best bunk beds which offer inbuilt storage solutions here. Get in touch if you want to share success stories or have any questions about anything bunk beds.