Best Bunk Beds With Double Bed on Bottom Your kids will love

Running short on space? Bunk beds with a double bed on bottom are an excellent idea if you want to accommodate up to three people comfortably. Double bunk beds typically have a single on top with a double-sized bed on the bottom. Sometimes it’s a small double on the bottom, which is even better if you’re really stuck for space. In some cases, these types of bunks are also known as triple bunk beds, and in even rarer cases, you’ll find a double on top of a double. In this article, you’ll see a selection of the top bunk beds we have carefully researched to make the job of picking your next bed easier. May the search for your next bunk bed be very short and may you please share your experiences of our website, thanks in advance.

Simple Bunk Bed Buying Tips

So, what are some of the things you should consider if you’re shopping for a double bunk bed? Here are a few tips to help you along:

  • Always think safety first before buying a bunk bed, make sure the child to use the top bunk are at least 6 years old and capable of using the bed safely.
  • Ensure you do not exceed the stated weight capacity of both the top and bottom bunks. The kids or adult sleeping in either bunk must not exceed the capacity the beds can carry.
  • How high are your ceilings? Measure up and check that you’ll have enough clearance to allow anyone sleeping in the top bunk to sit up without hitting their head.
  • Detachable bunks are quite handy if you intend to have two separate beds at some point in the future. This is perfect once kids grow older you can separate the beds and put them in separate rooms without spending any more money on new beds. We will point out this feature in the beds under review below.

Read the rest of the article to learn more about our carefully selected choices of triple sleeper bunk beds you can buy to improve your kid’s sleeping situation.

7 Bunk Beds With Double On Bottom You Can Buy Today

Argos Home Willen Metal Triple Bunk Bed In Silver

Image Courtesy Of Argos

The Willen Metal triple bunk is a bunk with a double bed on bottom and comes in silver finish. It’s an ideal choice for sleepovers or when siblings share a room. Twins or triplets? No problem, there is enough room for three. If you come from a big family with lots of kids, it also makes a great addition to the guest bedroom for when cousins come to visit. The sturdy metal frame is designed to withstand up to 100kg on both top and bottom beds. This even makes the bottom capable of handling an adult, too. 

The bed is also available in black, white, grey and does not come with mattresses. Check out the mattress buying pages to find the perfect mattress to accompany your triple sleeper.

The 25cm clearance to the floor is suitable for some pullout drawers so that you can make use of the additional storage space under the beds. You can check out these cool under-bed storage boxes too.

Vida Designs Milan Triple Bunk Sleeps Three

The Milan triple sleeper with a double bed on the bottom is a stunning bunk bed which will comfortably sleep three. The classic and modern design of this bed fits right into any room decor. The Milan comes in solid pine or white and can be separated into two individual beds. This is a perfect feature if you’re on the hunt for a long-term bed for your kid’s room which you can separate in the future.

A slanted ladder makes climbing onto the top bunk easier for smaller feet. Furthermore, you can place the ladder on either side to suit your room layout. The bed comes with safety built-in. A guard rail on the top bunk ensures your child is safe while asleep.

Althoughit could have done with more clearance between the bottom bunk and the top, this is not too much of a negative. Why? Because this means it’s on the shorter side which is ideal if you have low ceilings.

The biggest selling point is that when this bed is separated into a single and small double, they are both of a good size.

Argos Home Kaycie Bunk Bed With Double And Single

Image Courtesy Of Argos

The Kaycie triple bunk is an Argos Home exclusive bunk bed frame which comes in wood, painted white to give it a neutral finish. It sleeps three, 2 in the bottom bunk and 1 on the top. Excellent when you need additional space or to create a beautiful sleeping space for a growing family. 

Typical of Scandi design, it is simple and functional with as little members used to make up the frame. This is ideal because it makes it easier to assemble, although you’ll still need two people to put it together comfortably. The sloping ladder has flat rungs friendly to small feet and comfortable too. The bottom offers an abundance of storage space which you can take advantage of with these stunning IKEA pullout drawers on castors.

You can position the ladder on either side of the bed, which makes it flexible if the layout of the room is not flexible. The safety rails at the top of the bunk help to keep the child on top in bed. Just make sure the mattress on the top is no more than 16 cm deep. 

Orion White Wooden Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed With Storage

This beautifully designed triple bunk bed will solve your space and storage problems in one shot. The small double bed on the bottom drastically reduces the footprint of this stunning piece of joinery. You get sleeping space for three while saving on the all-important floor space for building forts and playing in. 

A sturdy ladder with wide footings and rounded edges is extra safe, while the safety railings around the top bunk ensure a safe sleep night after night. Both top and bottom bunks have storages shelves, perfect for books and soft cuddly toys, a must for every bedtime. 

The under-bed storage drawer is the ideal place to store bedding and blankets and makes use of the space under the bed. You can also choose additional matching storage accessories such as a chest of drawers or wardrobe as optional extras. 

American Pine Wooden 3ft Single Top and 4ft Small Double Bottom Bunk

Enjoy the craftsmanship of this beautiful sleeping solution that offers comfortable sleeping space for three. Maximise the use of small bedrooms by investing in this triple sleeper that can easily separate into two beds when you have more space. Perfect for a younger sibling to use the top bunk while an early teen uses the spacious small double on the bottom. The stained pine finish is beautiful to look at and the bed is strong and sturdy. You can expect years of use from this destructive wood and excellent woodworking skill.

Here are just a few reasons why this is a top buy:

  • The strong pine wood lends to a robust and beautiful looking frame.
  • Easily separate into two beds when your kids outgrow the bunk bed or you move to a bigger house.
  • Accommodates 3 sleepers comfortably, perfect for sleepovers.
  • Maximum security and peace of mind with the safety rails around the top bunk.
  • Delivered flat for convenience and comes with easy instructions for quick assembly because no one wants to spend days putting furniture together.

If there ever was a perfect example of bunk beds with double bed on the bottom, this is it! You can choose the white or pine in the other styles but this is a winner hands down.

Angelynn Bunk Bed with Storage Drawers Underneath

When you pick the Angelynn you’re choosing fun for your kids and versatility for you. With this design, everybody is a winner. Your kids get an exciting and spacious bed, especially if they’ve been sharing or sleeping in a single size bunk bed. 

Just like all beds in this review, this bed accommodates three easily, just what you want with a growing family. The guard rail on the top gives you peace of mind while ensuring a safe night’s sleep for your child. The end of the bottom bunk has rails which extend to the top, providing extra support to the single bed. A central leg adds to the sturdiness of the frame by adding support to the bottom bed. Two full-width under-bed drawers provide useful storage for bed linen, clothes, toys plus so much more. 

Solitaire Triple Bunk Bed With Bookshelf

Give your kids the room they need to spread out with this beautifully made bed frame that minimises on space and maximises on sleeping comfort. Whether sharing out of necessity or needing that extra space for sleepovers, the Solitaire gets you out of a jam every time. The bottom bed is a full-size continental double bed (small double in simple terms) while the top is a continental single bed. 

Why do we love this bed? For one, you can split this into two standalone beds, a single and a small double when kids outgrow it. Secondly, you can upgrade the single into a high sleeper or mid sleeper by using the optional Solitaire building system. Why is this important? You can easily accommodate your growing kids by giving them separate rooms without buying new beds. With the high or mid sleeper, your child will have plenty of space underneath to fit a desk or more storage. This is simply the most flexible of bunk beds with double bed on bottom you can find on the market today.

Our Top Pick For The Best Bunk Bed For Sleeping 3

We’ve done most of the legwork to identify the best bunk beds with double bed on bottom for you. Our top pick here in the office is the American Pine Wooden 3ft Single Top and 4ft Small Double. The fact that you can separate it into two individual beds got all our vote. This flexibility is very handy for a family struggling for space right now, but looking to upsize at some point in the future.

In case you want more information on the other different types of small bunk beds, Bunkee is bursting with helpful information. Take a look at our blog to check out the rest of our articles on choosing the best bed for your toddler and bedroom decoration ideas for small rooms.

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