Kids Bunk Beds with Stairs You’ll Love in 2020

We reveal the top kids bunk beds with stairs to love in 2020. Childhood memories of bedtime stories and sleepovers, midnight feasts and fighting over the top bunk all come with sleeping in bunk beds.

As fun as they are, bunk beds also perform a practical role in saving space in small rooms while looking great at the same time. Choosing children’s bunk beds with storage stairs will even add an extra dimension of safety. Stairs versus steps is an age-old debate but stairs offer so much more from a styling point of view.

In this article, you’ll find 9 children’s bunk beds with steps to inspire you in finding the perfect bunk for your kids’ room.

Kids Bunk Beds with Stairs: How to Choose One…

Jut like picking any piece of bedroom furniture, especially beds, it’s all about how much room you have to work with. Here are the four steps to choosing the right bunk for your needs.

Measure the room

First, measure the room so that you know the exact dimensions for your chosen bed so that you don’t have any nasty surprise when it turns up too long or too wide. Include the entire extent of the bed including accessories, stairs or steps in your measurements.

Top tip: do not forget to measure the height and ensure you can keep a top bunk to ceiling clearance of about 80cm.

Pick a type of bunk bed with steps

If you were considering the entire realm of bunk beds here’s where you’d think long and hard about the type of bed you fancy. However, since you’ve already set your heart on a bunk bed with stairs and storage, you can skip to the next step.

Consider accessories and extras

As special as bunks with stairs are, you can always add a sprinkle of magic with special extras such as play features, storage or study areas. Pick out a bunk bed which comes with extra storage and other features as standard, or you can choose from a few optional extras further down the line.

Asking your child about the features they’d like is one way to ensure that you’re both happy when the bed finally arrives. You may be overlooking one detail that may appear small to you but mean the world to your kids.

Safety above all else

Safety is important when using bunk beds. Choose a bunk bed that has all the safety features such as deep guard rails and headboards. Put in place safety rules and explain them to your child so they can use their bed safely.

Treating your little one to a bedroom of their dreams or just want to furnish up the spare room for when the grandkids come to stay? Below you’ll find a selection of kids bunk beds with stairs available now:

#1. LUNA Bunk Bed with Stairs and In-built Storage Shelf Space

Safe wide staircase with plenty of hidden storage space makes this bunk bed one of the best bunks with stairs you can buy in 2020. A sturdy handrail on the stairs and a guard rail, footboard and headboard on the top bunk are some of the standard safety features you can expect.

This bunk bed with stairs and storage comes with shelves next to the bottom bunk for cuddly toys, books and other items a child wants to keep close. There’s even space for a night light or reading lamp.

#2. Parisot Bibop 2 Bunk Bed with Loads of Bedside Storage

This contemporary and stylish kid’s bed is made from light wood. It has spacious steps cum ladder and safety handrail that leads to a deep top bunk. Rear shelf space on both top and bottom bunks offer little places to keep those childhood keepsakes.

There is plenty of storage under the bed as well as under the steps. The shelves are coloured and reversible so you can change the look of the sleeping area whenever you want. As girl bunk beds with stairs go, this is a fine, luxurious example that is just under 250cm in length and at a comfortable height, too.

#3. Pegasus Single White Bunk Bed with Stairs and Desk

This trendy and modern high sleeper bunk bed comes with compact steps to the sleeping area. Also, the area underneath the bed integrates a desk and pullout wardrobe providing an all-in-one bedroom furnishing solution. Every step of the ladder provides further storage in the form of hidden drawers at every step.

Perfect for older kids and teens, the sleek matt finish features grey accents which will slot right into the life and personality of every child. The design is timeless and the functionality unrivalled and will create the perfect bedroom any teenager can take pride in.

#4. Fast White Bunk Bed with Stairs, Drawers and Storage in Green

If you’re looking for a cool bunk bed with mattresses and stairs then there’s only one choice and it’s the Fast Bunk bed available from Amazon. It features a sturdy ladder leading to the single top bunk with raised sides for increased safety. Optimise the sleeping space for your kids by choosing this fully equipped bunk bed with lots of storage space.

An under-bed pull-out drawer plus hidden spaces under each step ensures your children have a place for their toys, clothes plus all the things kids love.

#5. Flair Furnishings Slick Staircase Bunk Bed in White

A fabulous bed with safety at the heart of its design. Wide steps offer stability when climbing up to the top bunk. Once there, the top bunk features high sides all around which greatly reduces the risk of falling off while sleeping.

Space-saving is another amazing feature of this bunk bed with staircase and storage. Each step of the stair holds a secret storage compartment for keeping toys, clothes or books. A drawer under the bed provides additional space and so doe the shelf space at the back of the top and bottom bunks.

#6. Ye Perfect Choice High Sleeper TALA 4S, Morden Set with Wardrobe, Desk and Mattress

This is a bunk bed with stairs perfect for a room with a high ceiling. Straight out of a teenager’s dream, this is the perfect all-in-one solution for sleeping, studying and storage.

A full-height wardrobe, four sets of drawers and a cupboard integrate perfectly into the under-bed structure. Also, each step contains extra hidden storage space you may even end up running out of things to put away.

#7. Cosmo Mid Sleeper Bed in Oak with Pull Out Desk and Chunky Steps

Pull out drawer on castors, under bed storage drawers with shelves and stairs that you can place to the left or right of the bed are some of the exciting features to look out for when you buy the Cosmo mid-sleeper. The design is compact and the stained laminate finish maintains the original grain of the timber for that natural look.

Create an abundance of floor space for your child and give them more room to play in. Furthermore, the compactness of the bunk bed means you can get more out of that box or loft room. Above all, your storage space worries are a thing of the past with the abundance of drawers and shelf space for clothes and toys alike.

#8.Oscar Triple Bunk Bed with Steps

There aren’t that many triple L-shaped kids bunk beds with stairs to choose from on the market and this one really is a rare find. Furthermore, when you pick the Oscar triple bunk, you don’t have to make a compromise on storage space as it comes with drawers built into each step. The clever design of this bunk bed means you make the most of the vertical space while saving on floor space.

The bottom bed is at floor level and so you can have a child who is not old enough to use a bunk sharing a room with siblings without the fear of falling injuries. This is a truly original design, a cross between a triple bunk bed and l-shaped bunk bed meaning you really get the best of both worlds with this one. The pristine and clean silk white finish is as perfect as finishes get.

#9.Hazzard Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Stairs & Trundle

Kids bunk beds with stairs don’t come more loaded with features and accessories than does the Hazzard Stairway twin over double with trundle. Pyjama parties will never be the same as you’ll have loads of space for all the crazy kids to crash on.

Max out space in the room by creating the perfect environment for siblings to share and enjoy the comfort and convenience this bed brings. Comes with all built-in safety features and separates into two individual beds.

Conclusion: what’s the top pick bunk bed with stairs?

Congratulations on getting this far, you pretty much have an idea of which bed ticks all your boxes, hooray. Let’s admit it, there’s something going for each of the bunk beds in the list above. Whether you’re looking for additional storage space or the extra safety aspects, every single bunk delivers.

It’s all going to come down to space you have available, and your kid’s or your personal tastes, which bed you choose. The Oscar Triple bunk is my personal pick simply to its uniqueness, you won’t find many of those around. The simplicity of its design, clean lines and thoughtful arrangement make it a winner for me.

Thanks for sharing your hunt for the perfect bunk bed with stairs with us at Bunkee. We hope this round-up helps you find that amazing bed for you and your family.

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