Stompa Bunk Beds: 5 Reasons to Choose Them

When you want a bunk bed that’s not only functional but also looks great, then thank goodness you’ve got Stompa. Stompa bunk beds are designed with functionality and simplicity in mind. Just look at those clean lines and you’ll get exactly what we mean.

Stompa Bunk Bed Ranges

You can pick any type of bunk bed you want from the Stompa range of products. We know this site is dedicated to bunk beds but you can find different types of kids beds. Below you’ll find some of the different types of Stompa bunk beds you can choose from for your children’s room.

Duo Mid Sleeper with Storage Cubes

This is just one example of the vast range of options you have if you’re looking for a beautiful bed for your child. The mid-sleeper stands at a safe height, has a middle access ladder and 8 storage cubes. You can find more about the mid-sleepers on the Stompa website.

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High Sleeper with Storage

Create the perfect cosy sleep area and a multifunctional space underneath to study and play for your child. This bed comes in several options including frame only, high-sleeper with wardrobe and desk or even pull out chair bed. Stompa beds really come into their own with the range of options for you to choose from.

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Classic White Stompa Bunk Beds

If the traditional bunk bed look is more down your street then Stompa’s selection of standard bunks has got one for you. Whether it’s a double bunk bed with trundle or a detachable storage bunk bed, the classic collection contains a wide range of choices.

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Reasons to Pick Stompa Bunks

If after reading about the different styles of bunk beds you can get from Stompa and you’re not yet convinced they are a great choice, here are a few more reasons for you.

  1. Stylish Designs – whatever bunk bed style you’ve set your mind on, you’ll find at least 5 design variations to choose from. From high sleepers with chair bed or desk or standard bunk with trundle or storage, there’s a choice to meet your style taste.
  2. Affordable Pricing – there’s never been a great time to invest in a beautiful and sturdy bunk bed than today. Price ranges from under £200 to nearly £1000 for some Stompa beds. One thing you’ll notice is that their prices are competitive compared to similar quality products.
  3. Variety of Designs – You’re really spoilt for choice when you get to the Stompa catalogue so be prepared to change your mind several times before picking one. Always remember though, to work within the measurements of your room to achieve your desired goal, saving space.
  4. Exciting storage accessories – if you’re looking to furnish your kids’ rooms and you are working from a blank canvas, there are exciting accessories available, in addition to bunk beds. From storage cubes and standalone wardrobes to clip on shelves, there’s plenty to choose from.

Where to Buy Stompa Bunk Beds

You can buy Stompa bunk beds from a number of suppliers on the internet. We would recommend going to the Stompa store directly because they often have cheap bunk beds in their clearance store.

We hope you find the perfect bunk bed for your little ones. Whether you’re looking for a mid-sleeper bunk with loads of storage or just a simple detachable bunk, you’ll find it here.

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