10 Unique Styling Ideas For Stunning Small Boys Bedrooms

Create a bedroom that matches your little boy’s personality with inspiration from the ideas in this article. Children usually get the smallest room in the house. Well, they are small and really don’t need that much space anyway. Instead of looking at it negatively, having a smaller space actually allows you to create a sleeping space full of personality. Lofty bedrooms often leave kids feeling tiny, so creating a cosy and homely bedroom could be just what your child wants. Make every square inch count with the design ideas for boys bedrooms in this article.

Small And Stylish

Transforming a box room into a gorgeous bedroom for a boy is easier than you’d believe. Making every inch count when you’re working with small rooms is essential and so is making it feel like everything a boy ever wants, a bedroom of their dream. The wallpaper will make a huge impact in bringing out the character of the room and so will canvas prints and wall decals or stickers. 

Customise the wall art and wallpaper to suit your child’s interests, and you can open up a box room by stimulating their imagination. Take as an example the space-inspired bedroom decor below. Although the room may be tiny, as soon as your child gets into bed, his options are cosmic as their imagination takes them on trips across the galaxy. 

Roof hanging decorations, stylish box shelves and under-bed storage will turn any box room into a real living den for any boy. Bring your child’s dream to reality with a themed bedroom and shabby-chic hand-painted drawers or side table will add some personality into the decor. 

Toy storage is also a must-have and a large chest, or other space-saving storage solution that can be functional but not take up too much space will be a welcome addition to any boy’s room.

Maximising On Under-bed Space

Getting over the shortage of space in small rooms is not an easy feat. It’s not like you can squeeze another chest of drawers or a toy storage cube in most cases. However, there are some space people over-look when it comes to maximising storage, and that’s the space underneath the bed. 

You can take advantage of this vital real estate in one of three ways:

  1. Make use of pullout storage boxes which are usually plastic but sometimes cloth. Argos and IKEA sell a whole range of under bed storage boxes, and you can choose anything from plastic to cloth, wooden or even wicker-type baskets.

2. Choose a child’s bed with inbuilt under-bed storage drawers. Bunk beds with storage underneath are an excellent idea if you are looking to buy a bunk bed. This takes care of the storage problem and makes use of the dead space under the beds. A high sleeper will also give you a lot of storage space underneath if it’s only a single bed you need in the room.

3. You can even have a third bed ready for sleepovers and family get-togethers by choosing a bunk bed with trundle. Although a trundle is not exactly storage space, it allows you the option of a third bed without sacrificing any additional space. You can view a range of bunk beds with trundles here.

Put The Walls To Good Use

Suppose you’re like 90% of parents trying to solve the storage conundrum, one of the most obvious options is to pile as much stuff as possible on top of wardrobes. This would normally work in an adult’s room, but when it comes to kids, they want their stuff accessible at short notice. One of the great ways to maximise storage is to make the most of the walls. 

Over Door Storage Image Courtesy Of Amazon

Putting up shelving or box frames on the walls is a great way to display toys or books. You can transform shelves into decorative features by lining them with baskets or storage boxes. Some rooms have awkward shapes, and the use of boxes will help make the most of unconventional spaces. 

You can also try and use the room’s shape and features to your advantage by incorporating them into your storage designs. The overdoor storage baskets are another great idea to create additional space.

Double Up With Bunk Beds

Double Up On Sleeping Space With A Bunk Bed

The great thing about bunk beds is that they can be propped right against a wall. Bunk beds declutter kids’ bedrooms to free up a safe space for playpens. Bunk beds can also be a great addition, especially if you invite your child’s friends to playdates, they add sleeping space without eating up square footage.

You can even get great design bunk beds for the bedrooms; a bigger bed on the bottom for an older boy and a smaller one at the top so that your older kids won’t be squeezing themselves in a tiny bed.

The ladders on the bunk beds can be made like staircases with hidden pullout drawers. Imagine getting a playpen, sleeping area, and storage space all from one purchase decision.

Go Customised For Bespoke Sleeping Arrangements

You can design your kid’s room to a theme of your choosing. Lots of cool designs are coming up on giving the kids a personalised theme. Beds can be made to face opposite sides, creating a bed at the top and the bottom. 

You can use this design as a great way to create mini rooms in your boys’ bedroom and decorate the walls according to your children’s personalities. You can even customise a bunk bed to have a top bed with a ladder and study space, playpen, or storage space at the bottom instead of a bed. It’s all about using the small spaces you have to the maximum

Get Creative With The Paintwork

Photo by Trend on Unsplash

Bedrooms are meant to be a safe space for everyone, and you can go further by painting calming colours on the walls. Using greens for relaxation or painting blue walls to go with star glow-stickers for kids afraid of the dark.

You can paint their favourite superheroes to go with a superhero theme for their bedroom or paint to go with themes of any sports they enjoy. These fun and creative paintings go a long way in developing interests in kids as they grow up and creating a great personality in each kid’s room.

Take Advantage of Every Nook and Cranny

As a parent, you understand the need to take advantage of every space available while still keeping bedrooms stylish. A creative way to do this is by taking advantage of corner spaces by adding bookshelves on the corner walls and any rectangular furniture to fit in corner spaces like study tables.

You can also add tiny themed sofas for lounging or prop a fort on a corner for some fun playdates. Corner spaces are also great places to add display cases for those trophies and certificates. All these methods will help you create even more space while making a tiny fun space for your munchkins.

Top Design Idea For Boys Bedroom: Make Use of a Pegboard

A pegboard is an excellent space-saving idea for your little boy’s room. Organising your kid’s room is also easy with these life-saving tricks.

You can use a pegboard wall as a display area for your little boy’s interests; for those fun Halloween superhero costumes, for toy displays and to display clothes in open closet spaces making it easier to pick out outfits for the day, you can use pegboards to hold book display shelves too.

Pegboards are a great way to be organised without taking too much time folding clothes and shoving toys in storage boxes.

Create Space with Book Ledges

Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

Book ledges are even better than using shelves. They are less of a hazard since they don’t stick out as much. With book ledges, it is hard for your kids to get head bumps because of those little boys that run around.

These are fantastic ways to display those bedtime stories, creating good visual memories for kids, making their rooms pretty, while increasing their interest in a reading culture.

An easy way to create detachable book ledges is using pegboards. This will help you with adjusting the ledges when redesigning the rooms as they grow up. 

Use Boxes And Shelves For Creative Storage

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

Small bedrooms always bring storage worries. Innovative, unobtrusive ways to store toys, books, shoes, and clothes. The best way to store kid’s things is to separate the rooms into zones; a bed for sleeping, an area for a playpen complete with forts and toy storage, and a small study area.

Creatively hide storage spaces in existing furniture in your separate zones, like chic built-in drawers on a study table to put books that are commonly used by kids or a wall fixing for a bookshelf with enough room for a study area.

Create bookshelves using floating shelves in places like behind the headboards of bunk beds to act as a separator for the study area and the bed. In the play corner, use shelves and pegboards to store and retrieve toys easily. Putting the toys back on the shelves can even become a fun time activity for your boys.

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