Top Detachable Bunk Beds: How To Pick The Best

Detachable bunk beds are an excellent idea if you intend to separate them into individual beds a few months or years down the line. As much as saving space is at the top of your mind when you decide to buy bunk beds, thinking a little further ahead may also be a good thing. Choosing bunk beds you can separate into individual beds offers you several advantages. First, you can reconfigure your kids’ room when they are a little older to give them their personal space. Second, if you have the extra room, each can have their own room so they are free to express their personality decor-wise. This comprehensive guide looks at the different options of detachable bunk beds in the UK and we’ve picked the best ones for you.

What Are The Advantages Of Separable Bunk Beds?

Picking the right bunk bed is not easy. Check out our guide on choosing the right bed for your child if you’re still wondering if a bunk bed is a good idea. However, if you’re already sold on the notion of getting your kids a bunk bed so they can share a room, why should you pick bunk beds that come apart? This section of the article will answer this question for you.

Top Reasons For Picking Separable Bunk Beds

At Bunkee, our reviews articles are based not only on extensive internet research, but we carry out regular surveys where we ask parents about everything to do with kids beds. A recent questionnaire we sent out asking why parents would pick bunks they could separate. The top answers included the following:

  • Perfect for saving space in small rooms – detachable bunk beds are usually standard or small single sizes. They are small and therefore have a smaller footprint than single-over twin or double bunk beds. Parents stuck for space chose these beds for this reason.
  • Separable and easy to change room configuration – parents sometimes choose bunk beds, not because of a lack of space, but to maximise the available space for kids to play in when they are younger. As they grow older, separating the bunk beds into two singles means they don’t have to spend more money on beds. 

So, now that you know you will gain more space for your kids to play, build dens and forts or simply clown around as kids do, what next? Furthermore, once the kids are a bit older or they’re fed up with sharing a room, you can simply take the beds apart and set up their individual rooms. 

Best Detachable Bunk Beds With Storage

Azaiah Single Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed with Trundle and Drawers

Fulfil the storage and sleepover requirements of your kids by investing in this triple sleeper. The funky and stylish design solves your storage problems as it provides additional drawers, too. All three beds separate into three single sleeping units when needed giving you the flexibility to adapt to changing family needs.

For example, the trundle bed can be a starter bed for a toddler as its close to the floor, while younger kids or pre-teens would be comfortable in the standard single beds. Get this and more kids bedroom accessories from Wayfair by clicking the shop on Wayfair button below.

Argos Home Separable Bunk Bed with Storage 

Argos Home Detachable Bunk Bed with Storage - White 0Pin

Solid pine and designed to last, this detachable bunk bed with storage is a sturdy and versatile choice your kids will love. It separates into 2 single beds, and the full-width drawer with its durable castors makes brilliant use of that underbed space! In a simple and timeless style, this painted version has reversible head and footboards, so you can choose either a panelled effect or smooth. As singles, the ground clearance is identical on both beds so they’ll be the same height side by side.

Argos Home Detachable Bunk Bed with Storage - White 2Pin

To split the bunk into 2 single beds, you will need to do a spot of reassembly, moving the longer legs to the headboards to make both beds the same height. Just follow the step-by-step instructions. Need mattresses? We know that getting good quality sleep is really important for keeping children healthy and happy. So take a look at our range of mattresses to find the best ones for your children. Just make sure they’re no deeper than 16cms, for safety’s sake

Cheap Detachable Bunk Bed Frame From Argos

Argos Home Detachable Bunk Bed Frame - White 11Pin
Bunk Bed As Two Separate Singles

The bunk bed looks great when assembled with it’s closed off headboard and footboards. We like the design of the bed-ebds because they are closed unlike some with open slats. There’s nowhere for adventurous kids to trap limbs.


Some of the features that have us falling in love with this bed are:

  • It’s super-easy to assemble and comes with instructions (as you’d expect)
  • The ladder can be positioned on either side so you can place it wherever it suits you in the room
  • Good clearance between floor and bottom bunk allowing for storage space underneath
  • Made from sturdy pine and comes in white or grey, both easy to introduce into existing room decor
  • The beds have the same clearance off the floor when separate so they stand at the same height when detached

Argos Home Detachable Bunk Bed Frame In Pine Finish

The Argos Home detachable bunk bed frame is also available in raw pine for that authentic look. At £180 this is the cheapest single bed that splits into two singles you can buy today. It is similar in design to the one in the white finish above. The only difference is that this example comes in an original pine finish.

Detachable Bunk Beds With Mattresses

Kosy Koala Heavy Duty White Wooden Bunk Bed


This is one of the simplest bunk beds you can buy but simplicity doesn’t take style away from it. The head and footboards have slats with a curved top. It comes with a ladder that fixes on the right-hand side. The bunk bed provides adequate clearance between the bottom bunk and the top. An adult can comfortably sit up and read stories at bedtime. Also, there is ample clearance underneath the bed to fit a trundle, storage drawer on castors or storage box. When the time is right, you can dismount the top bed to separate it from the bottom bed.

Metal Detachable Bunk Beds

We are not really a fan of metal bunk beds. If you’ve had one in the past maybe you understand what I mean. They can get squeaky and unstable at times and that’s just due to the nature of their construction. Unlike wooden bunk beds which are easier to make stronger joints, metal bunks have welded fixings. They rely on the screws to keep it all together, which often work loose over time. 

If you’ve got your heart set on some metal bunk beds you can separate, we’ve just the thing for you. Picking this one out wasn’t easy simply because the majority of metal bunk beds out there have really poor reviews. I suppose for small children you’ll find that metal frame bunk beds can be alright.

It’s once kids grow into their teens that the metal bunk beds really struggle. Also, with this type of bunk bed, you have to keep checking the fixings. They have a tendency to come loose, hence the squeakiness. 

Panana Separable Metal Bunk Bed For Kids

Panana Metal Kids Bunk Bed Twin Sleeper Modern Children 3FT Single Bed Frame Bedroom Furniture (White)Pin

This Panana detachable metal bunk bed is sturdy and features guards rails on the sides of the top bunk. A strong mesh base is fixed in place and holds the bunk bed mattress firm to support your sleeping child. The simple white powder-coated finish makes this bed a stylish introduction to any room decor. The bunk bed is not as stable as most parents would like. Consequently, there are a number of low reviews on Amazon which may deter parents from buying this.

The mattresses are not included with the purchase of the bed frame but you can buy 3ft standard mattresses when you order the frame. If you have a large room and you want to separate these at a later date, it very simple to detach them.

Mecor Metal Bunk Bed Frame Splits into 2 x 3FT Singles

mecor 2 x 3FT Single Metal Bunk Beds Frame, Splits into 2 Beds, for Twins Kids Children Teenagers Adult Dormitory Bed - BlackPin

This affordable metal detachable bunk bed comes in powder-grey paint with the ladder in a fixed position to the left-hand side. The headboards and footboards feature a curved design. Plus, the bottom bunk has a pair of feet in the middle of the bed-span. As a result, this makes the bunk more stable.

The design of the beds is modern and sleek making it an easy addition to any room decor. The bed comes in flat-pack packaging with easy to follow assembly instructions. This is a bed that brings value for money and promises a good night’s sleep for your kids. The spacious clearing under the bottom bed provides additional space which you can use to increase storage by including a couple of storage boxes too.

White Bunk Beds That Separate Into Two Singles

White is such a neutral colour you can integrate a piece of furniture into any room without worrying about updating the entire room’s decor. Picking a white bunk bed for your kid’s room is a wise choice and it makes life so much easier for you. Most white beds are finished in gloss paint which means all they need in terms of cleaning is the occasional wipe. 

Perhaps you’re looking to get your kids into the same room. Or just want additional space for when the cousins or nieces/nephews come for a sleepover, a bunk bed is a real space saver. Below are our handpicked top choice of bunk beds in white and the icing on the cake, you can split them into two singles. How’s that for flexibility.

Milano Bunk Bed Single Pine Frame Only: Splits into 2 Beds

Cloudseller Milano Bunk Bed Single Pine Frame Only: Splits into 2 Beds Pin

Your children will love this beautifully designed white bunk bed that separates into two singles. It’s a very traditionally styled bed with no frills and takes pride of place in any child’s room. The adjustable ladder makes it easy for your child to climb onto the top bunk. The design and high quality material used in the construction of the bunk bed increase its stability and sturdiness.

The white matt finish is easy to clean, simply wipe periodically with a damp cloth. You’re probably here because you like the idea of a bunk bed that you can split into two singles at some point in the future so this a great choice for you. The slatted base gives firm support to your kids as they sleep. This is a standard single bunk bed and takes standard UK single mattresses 90 x 190cm.

Other parents who have bought this bed love it for the plenty of head room between the bottom bed and the top, perfect for sitting in bed reading a bedtimes story.

Single White Detachable Bunk Bed With Mattresses

Glory single bunk bed in white with paris mattress Standard Two Sleeper 3' Solid Pine Wood Bunk Bed FramePin

This is yet another example of a beautifully simple detachable bunk bed in white. Loads of space underneath to add a trundle or storage boxes for toys or clothes. It comes with two standard UK single mattresses. The quality of some of the mattresses that come with bunk beds leaves a lot to be desired. It is advisable to purchase the frame separately and then buy the best mattress you can afford for your kids.

Finally, check out our mattress buying guide to help you pick the right mattress. It’s important to make sure your children sleep in comfort night after night.

Closing Remarks

We’ve done our research to bring you a selection of detachable bunk beds we think are worth the money. Whether it’s more storage you’re after, in addition to the extra sleeping space, the separable bunk bed with storage is the choice for you. Some people like metal bunk beds for that industrial look but in our experience, they are not as sturdy. Finally, although you may want the convenience of buying detachable bunk beds with mattresses, often the quality of mattresses is not that great. It may be better to buy mattresses separately. That way, you will the whole market to choose from.