Double Bunk Beds: The Best 8 You Can Choose in 2021

Double bunk beds help you create more space versus conventional single or double beds. Bedroom feeling cluttered and thinking of making some radical changes? Perhaps even considering making a move to a bigger home. Well, before things get that far, maybe you should consider a double bunk bed.

Double Bunk Beds Top Picks

Best Overall: Barnese Bunk Bed in White

Best Budget: Noa and Nai Kent double bunk bed

Best for Teens: Jayden Double Bunk Bed with Drawers

Best for Adults: Everest Heavy Duty Bunk

Best for Kids: Ashley Bunk Bed

Best Metal Frame: Nexus Silver Finish Metal Double Bunk Bed Frame

Best Small Double: Lilly Bunk Bed with Drawers and Shelves

Best Quadruple Sleeper: Oslo White Wooden Quadruple Sleeper Bed Frame

Best Overall: Barnese Double Bunk Bed in White

This double bunk bed is perfect for sleepovers because it provides enough space for at least three. Free up space in your kid’s room and create acres of playing area with this space-saving bed.

The bed features a single on the top and a spacious double bed at the bottom, making plenty of space for siblings to share. Also, the bed is sturdy due to its solid pine frame construction. An angled ladder is child-friendly and safe, allowing easy access to the top bunk.

Best Budget: Noa and Nani Kent

Coming in at under £200 this is our budget pick of the double bunk beds on the market. There’s so much going on for this Noa and Nani bunk. Furthermore, it features a deep top bunk with high guard rails for added safety.

There is plenty of space underneath the bunk bed to installed storage boxes and drawers to gain maximum benefit from the space. The design is neat and simple with clean lines. As a result, the smooth white finish will fit in with any existing decor.

Best for young teens: Jayden Bunk Bed with Drawers

Getting young teens to share anything can be a challenge. However, this beautiful bunk bed may change things a little bit. This bed is ideal for siblings to share, younger sibling on the top and a young teen at the bottom perhaps.

You can fashion the bottom bunk into a chill-out area in the day, as shown in the image above. In addition, the bed has two huge drawers underneath which are perfect for storing clothes or extra bedding for sleepovers.

The bed measures 160 x 160 x 200cm and takes a standard double mattress on the bottom and a standard single on the top bunk. Of all the double bunk beds with storage, you get full width double drawers with this one.

Best for Adults: Everest Heavy Duty Bunk

Strictly Beds & Bunks specialise in making the most practical and comfortable bunk beds suitable for the whole family. The Everest range is solid Scandinavian pine in construction and owes its strength and rigidity to centre rails with metal brackets. 60mm corner posts and 30mm base slats allow the bed to support a weight of up to 40 stone.

Sturdy and excellent value for money, the Everest is a solid bed that comes in natural pine with no staining. The bed dimensions are W129 x L202 x H179 cm and take 120 x 190 cm mattresses. A floor clearance of 36cm allows you to use the floor space for storage.

Best for Kids: Ashley Small Double Bunk Bed

Traditional in appearance and contemporary in feel and comfort, this bunk bed is made from pinewood with a lacquered finish to give it a long-lasting sheen. Also, a slatted base on both beds gives them extra comfort, while the solid build and guardrails make it very safe.

One of the biggest advantages is that the bunk splits into separate beds, a standard 91 cm single and a small 121 cm double bed. Sadly, mattresses do not come with the bed frame but you can buy standard and small double mattresses when you order.

Best Metal Frame: Nexus Silver Finish Metal Double Bunk Bed Frame

The Nexus is a contemporary bunk bed with a fixed ladder and beech wood steps. As a result, you can style your room with the full confidence that you can achieve that modern look you’re after.

A metal mesh base provides rigid and durable mattress support ensuring extreme comfort. Furthermore, the frame is quite sturdy and will not rock like other poor quality metal frames. The ladder is fixed and end caps protect the users from sharp edges.

Overall bed dimensions are L201 x W142.5 x H165 cm and the top bunk will take a 3ft single mattress while the bottom takes a 4ft6 mattress. This is a modern looking bed that will fit into almost any contemporary bedroom.

Best Small Double: Lilly Bunk Bed with Drawers and Shelves

If you have a small room, the Isabelle & max Lilly is a perfect alternative to the full double bunk bed. It comes with a pullout drawer and back shelves on both the top and bottom beds. This is a beautifully crafted manufactured wood bed finished in white and black.

The ladder is angled with flat rungs for easier climbing, a deep top bunk and high guard rail, headboard and footboard. As a result, the top bunk is very safe to sleep in. Measuring at H159 x W164 x L198cm, the bed is significantly shorter than standard to give you that little bit extra room.

Best Quadruple Sleeper: Oslo White Wooden Quadruple Sleeper Bed Frame

Easily sleep four in this spacious double bunk bed. Two small doubles stack one on top of each other to create this amazing sleeping space. The two beds separate into sizeable individual beds should circumstances change.

The design is crisp and simple and gives you the potential to match any existing decor. Enjoy the sense of security the bed brings with its slatted headboard and foot-end leading to a comfortable and carefree slumber.

The bed measures L206 x W140 x H158 cm with a bottom to top bunk clearance of 80 cm giving you enough room to sit up if sitting on the bottom bunk. You will often find this type of bunk described as a double over double bunk bed.


Whether you’re looking for a small double bunk to fit into a box room or you want something for adult children, there’s a bunk for that. Our budget pick, the Noa and Nani Kent comes in at under £200 and is a high-quality bed. Whatever bed you choose, you know you’ve made the right choice as this list features the best double bunk beds you can buy today.

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